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36v Ebike Battery 1000w

The 36v battery 1000w ebike is perfect for those who are looking for an reliable and powerful ebike. It comes with a us-bmsbatery and data-usb-battery-adapter for you to use. The battery is efficient and has a high power-to-weight-ratio.

Buy Now 36v Ebike Battery 1000w

This 36v battery 1000w ebike has a rechargeable lithium battery which is perfect for use in an urban or rural setting. The bms rechargeable care chain will ensure your ebike stays in great condition over long distances. The 36v battery is also environmentally friendly so you can be sure it will last for years to come.
this is a 36v battery pack for an e-bike. It is made of quality, modern, lemon yellow lithium batteries. It is included a 101315ah lithium battery pack for an e-bike250w 350w 500w motor. The pack contains 36 batteries (36v, 48v, 101315ah, lemon yellow lithiums, nickel-cadmium, low voltage, etc. ) at 12g/ coast blue. They are turned off the power go to "wet" and "dry" to make them unoperational.
this is a conversion kit for an ebike that features a 36v battery. The battery is 1000w limp-oil and perfect for an ebike that needs to be able to reach a high speed. The battery also provides power for an ebike for up to 3600 miles.